But the woman who rescued her suffers from FOGS — aka Fear — Of — Getting — Started.

This story — the fourth about Lucy the limbless one— starts with a confession. I could make all the usual excuses about holidays and celebrations and they’d be true, but not the whole story.

The whole truth and nothing but the truth is that the woman (moi) who rescued Lucy…

Lucy’s new life

Thanks to a semi-deranged woman who didn’t know what she wanted to do when she grew up

Here we are back in Lucy’s story for the third time.

The woman who rescued her from the junk shop (moi)is no longer deranged or demented. Just a crazy artist. Lucy has given her a whole new world of ideas.

She has started painting Lucy’s face, her inspiration. And now…

woman alone

What a woman fears the most about living alone and what she can do to cure her fears.

There are many life situations where you might find yourself faced with the prospect of living alone — death of a partner, divorces and separations, unavoidable moves to new places, careers, illness…

For many women the thought of living alone is really, truly, scary. If a woman has always lived…

incestuous writers and readers

And why isn’t Medium filled with filthy rich scribblers instead of broke complainers?

The majority of readers/writers here on Medium (or anywhere really) don’t make any money — real money — from their writing, myself included. (Should I count 1.75— my December ‘earnings’, as real money, or even pocket money?)

Medium readers are usually Medium writers and Medium writers are usually Medium readers…

copyright issues

Those free images you downloaded may not be as free as you thought.

In 2018, once I got my head around the idea of making my photos freely available to all and sundry, I joined Unsplash. Posting my photos there and checking the stats, watching the numbers grow, has been a lot of fun.

My photos were being downloaded, used, and enjoyed across…

nareeta martin

Becoming a Wise Woman, Learner of Things, Grandmother and Other Things, Writer, Painter, Photographer, Traveler, Gardener, Animal Advocate, Kiwi, Not Always PC.

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