Pet Deprived for the Rest of my Life.

nareeta martin
4 min readApr 13, 2022

No more will I hold a warm furry friend in my arms.

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I am feeling so deprived. Animal deprived. I miss the critters so much, in all their furry, four legged, variety. How true that we don’t appreciate what we have until we lose it.

To my mind one of life’s greatest pleasures is to have a cat purring on one’s lap. Especially when the purrs shift to little trills of ecstasy, with eyes closed and beatific face.

Or the ego boost of an adoring pooch gazing at me, tail wagging madly, eyes melting in anticipation of a walk, a treat, a cuddle, a drive in the car or any of the many things that make we humans so wonderful to our canine friends.

I miss that.

Of course cats and canines are not the only possible type of furry or furless friends we can have. But they are the most relatable and fit better into the human lifestyle than say ducks, or butterflies or fish or cows, or even goats or donkeys.

Pooches and moggies. They are the most responsive of pets. They share our emotions. They soothe and calm. They comfort us when we are lonely. They are our therapists in their different ways.

So given all the above lavish pet praise why don’t I hear someone yelling “so why don’t you do us all a favor and just get a pet and stop whining if you’re so miserable. Get on with it and make a pet happy!”

But, I can’t. We can’t. Why? Why are we doing this? We, that is my partner and I, have agreed there will be no more pets for us. We have very good reasons for our pet deprived life. Or so we believe.

We both still love animals. We’ve both had our share of pets over our long separate life times before we met. We’re over soppy gooey sentimental notions about animals. We know the realities. We no longer fall for cute. Cute outgrows itself. We know what a commitment in time, money, and emotions a pet is.

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We have reached the stage where we just want the freedom to be spontaneous, to just get up and go somewhere if the urge strikes.

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