The Queen is Dead. Long live the King

I thought I would spill a few tears and feel quite sad. And I did.

nareeta martin
2 min readSep 13, 2022


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In June I wrote a story about how I expected to feel sad and be a bit tearful, when Queen Elizabeth died. It was obvious that she was fast fading. She looked so frail and had trouble walking. She was nearing the end.

She attended less and less of her old working functions. At 94 and not feeling well, one can only admire her for getting out of bed to attend yet another dreary function. And check the daily Red Boxes, as she had done every day for the 70 years of her reign.

So it was no surprise to hear the death of Queen Elizabeth 11 announced to the world on the morning of (here in NZ) September 09.

I knew the repercussions would be huge. She was a global figure, had outlived most of her contemporaries, and was deeply respected for her stabilizing presence, dignity, and work ethic.

Several Medium stories stemming from the queen’s death landed on my desk today. Their messages range from love and admiration for the queen’s life, to rants on the evils of the historic British Empire.

Some people can’t understand why so many people are sad and upset, even though they were prepared for the news.

Many have been wondering ‘what’s next? Who or what is going to take her place? Will the new King Charles (her son)be up to it?’

Many want a republic, with a president. It’s hard to imagine any president matching the late queen’s ability to keep a steadying hand on the powder keg of political upheaval. Time will tell.

I’m dropping a link below to my original story where I write what it was like ‘sort of’ growing up beside the queen. I first saw her as a primary school kid in NZ back in the 1950s. It was her first visit here. I saw her again in England and that is all.

Along with millions of others around the world, I will miss her frequent appearances on our TV screens and magazines. After all those years it was as if she had always been there.

And now she’s not.



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